Every society from ages past has always suffered certain level of vices that had at one point in time or the other, hampered their full development.

Today, the advent of social media in the face of modernization/ globalization with its attendant problems has eaten deep into the fabrics of our sociocultural/religious values, moral decadence is on the rise, social vices have taken a dangerous turn, more boys are on the street, many more girls are wasting away both within and outside the shores of the country, Parents/Guardian in search of greener pastures are fast losing grips of their children/ward; the schools’ effort seem not to be making enough Impacts, the future of our children is at stake, our tomorrow looks bleak.

Hence the need for all hands to be on deck to restore the sanctity of our society by re -directing the young people.

Yes, time has come for us to be deliberate and intentional in raising our future generations in an acceptable way and in accordance with our socio – cultural heritage to enable them grow into sound, quality and reputable adults.

This is where we belong. Fix the Teens Initiative is concerned with the emancipation of our teenagers/young adults from the decadence and continuous degeneration of societal moral values and norms that limit them from achieving and utilizing their full potentials.

We focus on creating awareness and conscientizing them on the looming dangers of reckless and unguarded life styles occasioned by a compromised society.
Surely our tomorrow shall be better than today but we must do the needful, we must work to make it happen, Let’s fix our teens. (FTI)